Towson needs upkeep to hold its rank among best places to live



August 16, 2011

The designation of Towson as one of the best places to live in the United States has to have been based on computerized demographics and statistics — and very little on keen visual observation.

The ever-increasing evidence of graffiti and "tagging" vandalism in the business and government districts, and the absence of curbside and median strip maintenance in Towson is appalling.

I cannot understand why so many tax dollars are spent on landscaping projects in the area, only to be abandoned to the invasion of weeds and litter.

One spring cleanup a year in the landscaped tree beds and surrounding environs is appreciated. However, continued attention is called for to keep up appearances.

I personally attempt to keep part of Allegheny Avenue free of litter and weeds, as well as some other areas. Many times I have called the county concerning the 4-foot and 5-foot weeds that are prevalent in the Washington Avenue and East Joppa Road areas, and I am told that the county is presently hampered by a shortage of funds and personnel.

Perhaps County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and Towson Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Hafford could schedule a "feet on the street" tour of these important areas, and find a solution to the continuing problem.

I urge them to do so, and also take a look at the Dulaney Valley Road sidewalk and curb areas from the roundabout north to the entrance to Dulaney Plaza, and check out the abundance of litter and weeds.

Elizabeth Pryor


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