We must sacrifice now to ensure future stability

August 16, 2011

To President Obama and members of Congress:

When will you as leaders and representatives of a very large group of seniors start to wake up and realize, that the United States government cannot continue to pay for everything. At the age of 81, I do look forward to my Social Security monthly check and my Medicare insurance when needed. However, taking a cut would not put me in my grave any quicker.

I learned at an early age if we could not afford to pay our bills, we did without! I think AARP has the ability and responsibility to lend a hand in helping to guide the general public, including seniors, to suggest meaningful ways in which all can sacrifice a little now to help ensure the future for generations to come. If our present president, senators, and congressman cannot make these needed spending cuts, then we all stand to suffer the consequences.

I have spoken to several other seniors, and we strongly oppose AARP's present stand in not allowing any meaningful cuts to our Social Security program, and Medicare Insurance programs. We agreed many other cuts need to be made. However, our biggest threat comes from runaway Social Security and health costs.

A very concerned senior citizen, and longtime member of AARP

Richard Price


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