Flawed Clarksville plan shows arrogance of one-party rule

Howard County letters to the editor

August 16, 2011

My wife and I, Clarksville residents since 1973, have just returned from vacation and found the post office closing and the county gestapo at Kendall's door. What on earth is going on?

From last week's Flier I got the details, plus the locals' comments, particularly those in George DeGennaro's letter, which I enthusiastically support.

I am a retired professional engineer with some experience in planning and road construction, and for the life of me cannot see any benefit to routing excess traffic around Kendall's Hardware and dumping it in a used car lot! If the authorities insist with proceeding with this plan, why is it necessary to take part of Kendall's property when they own the adjacent property and can certainly design within what they already own?

It appears another example of the curse of our state and county governments: the arrogance of one-party rule.

Cliff Stretmater


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