Youth football program to kick off in Lansdowne

Baltimore Highlands

August 16, 2011

The Lansdowne, Baltimore Highlands and Riverview communities are initiating a Pop Warner youth football program that will play on Saturdays on the artificial turf football field at Lansdowne High School.

Kevin Williams, chairman of the Lansdowne Ravens program, said he is excited about its debut Saturday afternoon.

Long hours have gone into obtaining the necessary permits, sponsors and donations.

In addition to the young players, coaches and parents have also put in their time in practices, on and off the field.

For many of the players, this will be their first experience in organized sports.

On Aug. 20, a 9 a.m. parade will inaugurate the season, moving from Lansdowne Elementary School on Alma Road to the high school field.

If you can volunteer some time to assist Kevin, call him at 410-887-1439.

Series of special events start in September

Christ United Methodist Church members plan to celebrate the month of September with a number of special activities.

• Friday family fun nights will resume Sept. 9 at 6:30 p.m.

• Saturday, Sept. 10, brings the fifth annual Harvest Festival-Outdoor Flea Market, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., organized by Elaine Rogic.

Lots of entertainment is on the agenda, including face painting, a moon bounce and a celebrity dunking booth.

Vendor space is still available for $10; $15 to rent a table. More than 300 people are expected to attend.

• Sunday, Sept. 11, marks the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks.

Sheridan Allmond will lead the congregation in prayer for our country and community.

Then, Mikie Johnson will welcome Sunday school students, introduce them to their teachers and serve light refreshments.

• The church is selling Joe Corbie pizza kits to support the youth program.

If you are willing to help, call 410-789-9058.

I wish my grandson, Tyler "Tink" Umstead, a happy first birthday.

He is a beautiful baby, who loves his grandpa.

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