Fussbudgets! New D.C. restaurant makes customers sign 'reservation agreement'

On civil dining

August 16, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

The Eater DC posted this funny story. Rogue 24, a newly opened "urban fine dining restaurant" in Washington, D.C., is making its customer sign a two-page "reservation agreement" before being accepted.

Some of Rogue 24's rules are just bossy -- cell phones and camera are banned during the three-hour dinners. That's not crazy, but "Oh, Brother!" is the only response to the stated reason for the policy: "All guests should be able to enjoy the experiences that surround them at Rogue 24 free of distraction.

There's more, including a 100 percent charge for same-day cancellations and for diners showing up 30 minutes late for their reservations.

You can read the contract on the Eater DC post.

Could an enjoyable evening possilbly be spent in a place that hates its customers so deeply. Would you go a place like this?

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