Gino's is not open yet, but try telling them that

August 15, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Scheduled to open Wednesday morning, Gino’s Burgers & Chicken held a combination sneak preview lunch and fundraising event on Monday for students, faculty, alumni of Calvert Hall College High School, which is basically a hamburger buns's-throw away on La Salle Road.

The full parking lot, along with signs of life inside the new 99-seat restaurant attracted members of the general public who had not been invited to the preview, just as a similar preview had last week. Most of the uninvited were turned away gently by a Calvert Hall representative.

Some people weren't so nice about it. At all.

But some people who weren't supposed to be there got in anyway either through the entrance around the side, or when the door monitor was distracted.

Karen Whipple and Sharon Evans got inside, only to wait more than an hour for their Gino's Giant and Cobb Salad. Told by a reporter that they had managed to infiltrate a private event, Evans, who works for the Maryland Department of Corrections said, “nobody told us that.”

One of the store’s owners, Scott Autry, said the long waits for food were a result of letting too many people inside the store at the same time – 150 people were expected at the preview, but 400 showed up.

At Wednesday’s grand opening, Autry said, police will help to manage the flow into the restaurant. There will be shorter waits for food once its ordered. But there’s no telling how long the lines outside the door will be.

When the first store in the revamped franchise opened last October in King of Prussia, Pa., customers waited outside for hours to be reunited with their beloved Gino's Giants.

Will the new Gino’s be worth the long waits? Sharon Evans thought so. “It’s excellent,” she said about the new Gino's Giant, which is minus the old Gino Giant’s center roll. “They gave us more meat this time, but the sauce is still the same.”

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