Owl Meat Gravy dies

August 14, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

The writer and poet Bob Swank, best known for his masterful writing on electronic media under the name Owl Meat Gravy died in his Little Italy home late last week.

I don't know precise details concerning the death. I might not publish them even if I did know.  Larvatus prodeo, the Latin phrase that Owl Meat Gravy chose as the motto on his writer's card, means, "I go forward wearing a mask."

Bob Swank shared his writing with the world through Twitter, and through Facebook and on this newspaper's online commenting forums as well as his own blog. He was no hermit -- he did most of his writing in public spaces. However, he was circumspect -- although I wouldn't say fiercely so -- about the kind of life details that compose a standard obituary.

Owl Meat Gravy thought of himself foremost a writer and a poet. Swank understood that the social media are not about -- and really never were -- solipsistic ramblings. He understood that Facebook and Twitter and the commenting boards of Dining@Large were forums for a new kind of writing.

In the next few days, I'll be posting some of his best writing here. I'll also tell you about plans for a memorial service, as I hear about them.


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