Welcome to the new, re-styled Unleashed blog!

It's the same place for Maryland pets news, but with a different look

August 12, 2011|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Starting right this minute, the Unleashed blog is officially upgraded! The Sun's pet blog is following in the footsteps of other Sun blogs that you might read -- like Baltimore Diner and Midnight Sun -- with a new, more modern look and feel.

With the new format, posts will have a more polished look, we'll be able to do some fun things with photo galleries and, I'm told, starting today, Unleashed material will appear in the main Baltimore Sun search engine.

The sad news is that everything from the old Unleashed is going -- poof -- vaporizing into the virtual spot where old online things go to die. But while you won't be able to see the vintage stuff anymore, everyone's favorites will continue here.... The weekly Collared pets, the Afternoon Awww, the contests -- all of it.

As I said in my good-bye post on the old-styled blog: I think getting used to this is going to be like when I go to pick Teddy Bean up at the groomer, after I've let his fur grow wild and woolly over the winter. For a second there, he doesn't look like my pup. And then he wags his tail just like Teddy Bean, does his signature spin just like Teddy Bean, gives me little Teddy Bean kisses down on my shin where he can reach. It's him -- same dog I love. We just need some time.

One other important thing: As I'm sure all the blog regulars will agree, commenting has been key on Unleashed. To be able to do it with the new format, you have to register. I know it takes a minute or two, but I hope everyone does it so we can continue the conversation.  

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