Growing Attraction

  • Geraniums and petunias fill more containers at a Sagaponack stable.
Geraniums and petunias fill more containers at a Sagaponack… (Photo by Kathy Hudson )
August 12, 2011|By Kathy Hudson

As I’ve said before, I’m an “Accidental Hamptonite,” but here I am again in East Hampton. Again I’m visiting close college friends and their families, so I feel at home even though lifestyles of the rich and famous surround us.

Besides 44 years of friendships, what draws me to this place is its physical beauty. No wonder artists have always been attracted to Long Island. The light and the green are mesmerizing.  Cooler temperatures and breezes make the climate and gardens more akin to England than to Baltimore.

Beauty inspires beauty. Fine gardens abound, and so do planters. At almost every home and shop, flowers in containers sit by the door, under the windows, on the porch or on the terrace. Even the bank sports urns of geraniums and ivy.

While harder to maintain in Baltimore, more containers throughout the city would be a good idea. If the Roland Park Shopping Center, the Eddie’s block and even the fire station were here in East Hampton, containers filled with colorful annuals, occasional boxwoods and spruce would flank doors and dress windows. Some of the money spent, or made, on the upcoming Labor Day Grand Prix race in Baltimore might be well-used to sponsor similar containers throughout the city.

Even in cash-strapped times, funds could be found in Baltimore for more beautification and, best of all, to organize a corps of young city dwellers to learn about growing and maintaining plants. Clean, green spaces, like opportunities for the young, create vibrant places all year long.

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