Report of a barricade in W. Baltimore unfounded

SWAT departs after determining no hostage situation

August 11, 2011|By Peter Hermann, The Baltimore Sun

Police have determined that a report that a person was being held against his or her will inside a house in West Baltimore was unfounded and tactical officers have left the scene, according a department spokesman.

Det. Jeremy Silbert said a person flagged down a patrol officer about 3 a.m. and reported a possible hostage situation at the house on Madison Avenue, near West North Avenue. Tactical officers surrounded the house.

Silbert said there was no evidence that anyone was barricaded inside the house and police determined the report to be unfounded. Tactical officer departed about 7:15 a.m. Silbert said detectives have made contact with the occupants of the house and are interviewing them now to determine what, if anything, happened.

Streets in the area have reopened.

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