Tea party upset by name calling? Pot, meet kettle

August 11, 2011

In response to Doug Mainwaring's op-ed piece ("Why the name calling?" Aug. 10), I agree that the name calling is not appropriate and that there should be more civil ways to communicate disagreement and different views. But I do have two questions which may point out why I think the tea party is just another political group with their own selfish motives and not the good of our country.

1. Why is the deficit only President Barack Obama's fault?

2. Where is Mr. Mainwaring when the Republicans are calling President Obama and the Democrats names?

In his article, Mr. Mainwaring demonstrates that, just like all the other political operatives, he is willing to misrepresent statistics to justify his point of view. He does not pass the common sense test and he certainly does not represent the Main Street citizen.

Frank Roig, Bel Air

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