Casino revenue at Perryville almost $10.2 million in July

But local share will be cut to benefit Baltimore, PG County

August 11, 2011|By RECORD STAFF REPORT

As Cecil County and Perryville continue to spar about the division of revenue they are due from the Hollywood Casino Perryville, the state lottery reported another $10 million-plus revenue month for the casino in July.

Unfortunately for the county and for Perryville, their prospective share started getting cut effective July 1.

Though Cecil and Perryville had at one time agreed on a 65-35 split of the 5.5 percent local revenue share from Hollywood Casino Perryville, the county wants the town to pick up millions of infrastructure costs the casino operator incurred in building the casino last year. If the county prevails, that could significantly lower Perryville's share.

Some town officials say they never agreed to pick up the infrastructure costs. Lawsuits have been discussed, but the matter remains in limbo.

Meanwhile, the Maryland Lottery, which regulates the slots casinos in Perryville and Worcester County, reported Aug. 5 that total gaming revenue generated at Hollywood Casino Perryville during July was $10,194,530.

Of the total, Cecil County and Perryville would be due $560,999, as their 5.5 percent local impact grant share.

But their share will be reduced by 18 percent, or about $101,000, because the state law that set up slots gambling in Maryland earmarks part of each local impact share for redevelopment of the Baltimore neighborhood around Pimlico Race Course and the Prince George's County neighborhood around Rosecroft Raceway. The 18 percent rake off took effect with the start of the new state fiscal year on July 1.

Hollywood Casino Perryville opened last Sept. 27. Through the end of the 2010 state fiscal year June 30, total revenue generated for the state by the Perryville casino was $82.6 million. The local cut for Cecil County and Perryville, totaled $4.54 million, according to monthly figures published by the Maryland Lottery.

With July's total added, the casino has generated $92.8 million since it opened. Of the total, $45 million goes to the state education trust fund, $30.6 million to the casino operator, $8.8 million to race track purses and improvements and almost $2 million to the lottery agency for administration.

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