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August 11, 2011

Dear President Obama,

We suspect you are well aware that certain members of your government will do whatever it takes to insure your presidency fails even if the entire system of government as we know it fails.

So long as you continue to attempt compromise (appease), the opposition will not join your effort.

Why? You are a black man. Nowhere and under no circumstances will white America accept a black leader. Period.

Be the President you were elected to be (for all the people) not just a self chosen few.

Eliminate charity. Charity is so over-used and abused it is a crime.

Require religious activities to be responsible for self support including taxes.

Call an immediate halt to war fighting in all areas the United States is involved in and set a date/time group for all U.S. forces to start returning to home base with equipment.

Eliminate all forms of foreign aid, including Department of Agriculture, US contribution to NATO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Department of Transportation and mission of the state department (currently nation building). Eliminate foreign aid. As of 2008, 150 countries receive 26 billion in U.S. dollars, not counting Iraq and Afghanistan. As you know, foreign aid is not counted as part of the national debt.

Appoint a commission of freshman members (balanced) to pursue revision of the compensation package for all members to include awarding scholarships and appointments, pay reduction, travel allowances, insurance, survivor allowances, death and burial funeral, office allowances including personnel and equipment, mail privilege and special activities. Re-authorize Ms. Elisabeth Warren as special consultant to the president.

Reduce the military academy's enrollment by 50 percent, and further require a minimum service commitment of six years for a total of 10 years for graduates. Re-visit and re-start the 1930s Conservation Corps to start environmental activities (title it Saving Mother Earth and Mother Water). The EPA is proponent and controller of all activities inclusive of all land and water and air within 200 miles of the continental United States.

SGM (Rat) Burrell Porter


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