Tea party not the villain in this piece

August 10, 2011

Like Garrison Keillor, whose column used to appear in The Sun, Dan Rodricks underestimates the power of the tea party in American politics ("Question for tea party: What now?" Aug. 4). He should have read John Malagrin's letter right across the fold ("Tea party congressmen are the last great hope," Aug. 4).

The tea party isn't Republican or Democrat, but the embodiment of the American peoples' frustration with the current direction our country is heading and the continued growth of government. This movement, now personified by the new members elected last November in the U.S. House of Representatives, will continue to be our last hope in restoring some semblance of what this country once stood for.

Mr. Rodricks, Mr. Keillor and their ilk are what the Founders warned us about, the pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-elites who think they can speak against the will of the American people and the Constitution with impunity. Their days are numbered. The scariest thought for me is that Mr. Rodricks is teaching political science to our children!

James L. Rogers, Baltimore

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