Congress adheres to Constitution only when it wants to

August 10, 2011

Now that the debt limit crisis has been kicked down the road for another month or so, we need to consider its lasting impact on our Constitution.

For the first time, many members of Congress blithely ignored the clear language of the 14th Amendment regarding "the validity of the public debt … authorized by law … shall not be questioned." When they swore to uphold the Constitution, we did not realize that they had their fingers crossed.

Having ignored the 14th Amendment, they now demand a new balanced budget amendment "to restore US fiscal responsibility." Why bother? Why would a new amendment be more binding that the present ones?

Do they realize that they paved the way for future Congresses to ignore any Constitutional provision that does not support current political posturing?

Members of Congress believe we gave them a mandate in 2010. Let them know now you disagree with what they have already done to our Constitution and their oath of allegiance to uphold it. Don't wait unto the 2012 election as it may be too late.

James Lefter, Bel Air

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