Blame me, not government, for AC shutdown

August 10, 2011

As one of the many Baltimore Gas and Electric PeakRewards customers who had air conditioning turned off on the afternoon of July 22 for a few hours, I disagree with op-ed writer William Yeatman that I was a helpless victim of the government ("Blame government, not BGE, for turning off the AC," Aug. 9).

Of my own free will, I signed up for PeakRewards and I have received approximately $60 per summer for the past three years. This was the first time that I was inconvenienced. I really doubt that anyone in the "heat-sensitive population" would have signed up for this program and it is thus unlikely that they were affected.

If the $60 annual rebate is not sufficient incentive for consumers, I don't think a complex variable pricing structure would be any greater incentive. I prefer to have my elected officials providing a needed watch dog function to the utility industry for this important service.

Patreena Parsons, Baltimore

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