County has not moved fast enough for less-active seniors

Letter to the Editor

August 10, 2011

The Baltimore County Department of Aging is to be congratulated on programs for active seniors ("Not your grandfather's senior centers," Catonsville Times, Aug.3).

I wonder where the county's programs for older, frailer seniors are?

Nearly half of the 14.4 percent of the 65 + population is over 75 yet there are no programs for those who can't take Zumba lessons or play basketball.

Even the much touted fitness centers are not available to those with physical disabilities.

Howard County, along with several other Maryland counties, run Senior Plus centers.

Baltimore County shifts that option to two private adult daycare centers.

Budget constraints are cited as the reason these services don't exist.

Yet the department is planning to add an information and referral center for seniors with disabilities and their caregivers when there is already a long established caregiver support group in the department.

The county is failing its oldest citizens.

Marlene Kuhl


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