Homeowners' group hampered elderly resident's attempt to sell her home

Letter to the Editor

August 10, 2011

It used to be that property rights in this country meant something but apparently not to the Hilltop/Maple Community Association ("Residents lament new construction," Catonsville Times, July 27). They worked tirelessly to deny elderly Mrs. Baker the right to sell her land, at a fair market price, to whomever she wanted.

When Mrs. Baker could no longer negotiate the stairs to use the bathroom and bedroom at her Maple Avenue property, she found a buyer so that she could finance her assisted living needs.

Once it became known that Mrs. Baker intended to sell her land, Hilltop/Maple moved to have the property down zoned. They then attempted to have water and sewer taken away to prevent the sale.

Mrs. Baker died with legal bills as a result of defending her property rights but was unable to sell, due to the efforts of the association.

Because members could see the Baker property, they apparently thought they owned it.

Mrs. Baker did not live on state park land but on property located next to the park.

I hope that when those in his association find it necessary to sell their homes, in order to finance assisted living expenses, that neighbors won't take extraordinary measures to prevent selling their properties at the best negotiable prices.

Henry Baker

Gainesville, Fla.

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