Plan for redistricting means diminishing returns for Republicans

Letter to the Editor

August 10, 2011

Plan for redistricting means diminishing returns for Republicans

It's no wonder 1st District Councilman Tom Quirk supports a proposal by Baltimore County's Redistricting Commission to add 6,000 Woodlawn residents to District 1.

If the proposal is adopted, District 1 becomes a safe seat forDemocrats.

Mr. Quirk may ask, what's not to like?

Mr. Quirk can give us all the feel good speeches he wants about turning Security Mall into Harborplace West when this maneuver is really about shifting 6,000 heavily Democratic residents into a district that currently seems evenly divided politically.

Why didn't Mr. Quirk address the issue of potential District 1 voter registration imbalance in his comments in the Catonsville Times?

Maybe he was distracted by portraying himself as the knight in shining armor, galloping down Security Boulevard.

Would Mr. Quirk so willingly add 6,000 Eastern Shore farmers to his district?

No. They don't vote his way.

Aside from ensuring a Democratic winner in every future District 1 election, Mr. Quirk's sneak attack, if successful, provides him cover for any unpopular vote he may have to cast, such as concerning the Promenade, allowing him to overcome any Catonsville-Arbutus backlash.

What Mr. Quirk is doing is serious.

Permanently distorting this district's boundaries in this way is nothing short of voter disenfranchisement.

Is there any greater disservice a representative can do to his constituents?

Mr. Quirk needs to tell the commission that the evisceration of Catonsville and Arbutus from meaningful District 1 electoral participation is unacceptable to him.

Bernard Haske


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