$4.2 million in tech grants awarded to 15 area firms

High-tech and biotech companies get money for research and development

August 10, 2011|By Andrea K. Walker, The Baltimore Sun

The Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program has approved $4.2 million in high-technology and biotechnology grants to 15 area companies.

The money will be used on various projects, including the development of drugs to treat breast cancer, staph infections and malaria. Other projects include the creation of a heated flooring system for chicken houses and a plug-in hybrid car.

MIPS gives grants to companies with commercially promising technology and products. The companies join with researchers at Maryland's public universities. This year participating companies contributed $3.2 million and MIPS $1 million.

Companies given awards were AHPharma Technology LLC, Aparna Biosciences, Assay Biomaker Inc., BIKETOO Inc., Fish Pro Grow LLC, FLAVORx Inc., Genovation Cars Inc., GlycoPure Inc., GreenSpacers Inc., Information Technologies Curves, Leadership Health LLC, Opticul Diagnostics Inc., Optimal Solutions Group, Stress Indicators Inc. and Xcision Medical Systems LLC.

The awards are still subject to final contract negotiations.


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