Anyone for a revolution? (Civil, of course)

August 08, 2011

Kudos to Dan Rodricks for his column ( "For tea party, a question: What now?" Aug 4). What aren't we getting? What exactly does the tea party want us peons (never has the term proved more apt!) to understand? Are they really out to promote a class-based society, fast-reverting to Dickensian proportions?

We're jobless and homeless, nest eggs (those lucky enough to have them) vanishing; food and gas prices soar while wallets flatten. Vanishing too is the middle class, and we're back to the bad old days of the obscenely rich getting obscenely richer and the once-hopeful working class back down to the pits.

So my question: I've long wondered, no, agonized, what does it take to start a revolution? How is it that a misguided mob of miscreants is imbued with revolutionary zeal while we, the bereft, bemoan, blame and, sheep-like, simply bleat? This has been a grotesquely uncivil war, and the only committed soldiers are the bad guys! I'm not advocating the return of the guillotine, but " heads" do need to be removed. There is no party that represents me or anyone in my situation. What I am advocating is a we-the-people party. Anyone for a revolution? A civil one, of course.

Vivian Braun

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