Support young workers, buy from young entrepreneurs

August 05, 2011|By Eileen Ambrose

OurTime, a nonprofit that advocates for the under-30, has launched a campaign to encourage consumers to buy products from young entrepreneurs who are creating jobs for young workers. Check out qualifying companies online.

For readers who also want to support the under 30 crowd in the Maryland area, here are some companies to check out:

Smathers & Branson in D.C.; CustomInk in Northern Virginia (although the founder is in his early 30s); Crooked Monkey t-shirts in Bethesda.

OurTime, noting that the unemployment rate for 18- to 24-year-olds above 16 percent, also wants members of Congress to haul themselves back to Washington to get to work on creating jobs. The group has launched a petition drive that you can sign online.

The petition states: “ The political leadership in this country is devastating millions of young Americans. When will you wake up and realize that unemployment is the worst American tax of all? We call on you to CANCEL your vacation, head back to Washington, and get to work on behalf of your constituents.”

OurTime is focused on the younger generation, but apparently disgust with Congress has no age group. A recent CNN poll found that the approval rating of Congress has sunk to a record low of 14 percent. Does that mean members of Congress and their families make up 14 percent of the people polled?

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