Obama presidency as bad as forecast

August 04, 2011

In reference to the recent editorial regarding the debt limit deal ("We need an election," Aug. 2) and speaking as an independent voter, I personally agree with, and salute, The Sun for rising above the game of politics that is being played in Washington under the questionable leadership of President Obama. He appears determined to change our democratic United States into a socialized society and therefore, in my opinion, we are headed for our greatest economic depression ever.

Before Mr. Obama was elected president in 2008, The Baltimore Examiner published one of my letters which that newspaper headlined, "Fascination surrounding Obama is merely hype."

"Granted, Mr. Obama is a very skilled orator," I wrote at the time, "but unfortunately, the more he espouses, the more he creates dozens of unanswered questions in foreign policy, oil drilling, economic health care, racism, etc. Such actions have definitely transposed [Mr.] Obama into a flip-flopping artist."

"It is also quite evident that [Mr.] Obama is void of any strong leadership qualities, which was clearly exposed in his recent trip abroad. Instead of using this excursion as a fact-finding experience in order to strengthen his obviously weak background, he utilized it as a self-declared presidential platform to announce to all how he would resolve the problems of the world."

And I must say, as of today, my original attitude toward Mr. Obama hasn't changed one iota.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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