Agree/Disagree: Liam Flynn's Ale House

  • A crowd at Liam Flynn's Ale House
A crowd at Liam Flynn's Ale House (Karl Merton Ferron )
August 03, 2011|By Erik Maza | The Baltimore Sun

Here's the part where you can tell me how wrong (or how right!) I was on a review.

This week's bar review is about Station North's long-in-the-works Liam Flynn's Ale House.

The bar is almost as good as my favorite new bar of 2011, Red House Tavern. "Liam Flynn's Ale House has found a way to do the Irish pub right. This new bar from the former manager of the Pint-Size Pub is everything these other [Irish pubs] are not: original, personable, chill and, most notably, respectful of its city's long and rich nightlife history." The rest of the review is here.

Agree, or disagree? Have your say in the comments.

Another question I'm curious about: has the shooting in Station North last week made you less likely to visit bars and restaurants in Station North, or 'no effect whatsoever - this is a city, man, this isn't my first shooting,' which is more or less what a bunch of people told me while I was reporting that story Saturday?

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