Republicans are behaving like thugs in debt ceiling debate

August 02, 2011

The whole process of "debt ceiling" negotiations between President Obama and Congressional Republicans has baffled me. The White House explanation seems to be that the president is trying to be "the adult in the room" while letting the Republicans act like children, hopefully to their discredit.

But I have a different view. The Republicans are not behaving like children. They are behaving like thugs. Thugs running a protection racket. So we need more than an adult in the room. We need the cop on the beat!

It's time for the president to end this shakedown of the American people. It's time to call out the Congress and say, "fix the debt ceiling on its own." Get out of this manufactured crisis mentality and down to honest budget negotiations on a truly balanced fix for the deficit.

That would be a plan that starts with some sacrifice by the Wall Street fast money crowd who put the economy in the ditch in the first place. And the global corporations like GE that ship jobs to China while paying little or no income tax. Not one that starts with more sacrifice from vulnerable Americans already struggling.

W. J. Adams, Ellicott City

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