Cut foreign aid to Armenia and other countries that work against United States

July 31, 2011

I am an American who is concerned about our debt and excessive spending, such as on foreign aid to nations that work against us and kill our soldiers. Since the Senate and House Appropriations committees are considering the FY2012 foreign aid bill, with the House Appropriations Committee set to vote on the bill on August 3, I would like to re-state my views on this as I did a few months ago when the FY2012 appropriations process just started.

We need to reduce spending by all means possible, especially to places that work against U.S., such as Armenia. It should get less aid, since it sold weapons to Iran and Iraq, which resulted in a U.S. soldier Matthew Straughter killed and 3 other U.S. soldiers wounded. Same goes for the Armenia-occupied Nagorno-Karabagh region, which should not get any aid at all — that's a total waste of money, especially considering that it is used for illegal drug and arms trade by Armenia and Iran. At the same time I urge to sustain funding to Azerbaijan, which is a steadfast ally helping U.S. interests in the region and the Muslim world.

We need to spend less, and spend wisely, helping only true friends, not rewarding hostiles. Foreign aid should be based on our national interests and be need-based. We should never send aid to illegal junta's like Nagorno-Karabagh regime, which only perpetuates war.

Emil Israfilbek, Owings Mills

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