Tea party did not cause the debt ceiling mess

July 30, 2011

After reading Dan Rodricks diatribe in today's Sun ( "If John Boehner is a moderate, we have a problem," July 28) I was tempted to opine that his column was what one would expect a loud-mouthed liberal to spew out.

But then I decided to simply challenge him to prove — prove — even some of the allegations he had made in his column: the tea party freshmen class created the mess over the nation's debt ceiling, the tea party's agenda is "extreme," tea party members are "extremists" trying to gut the house and reduce its reason for existence, Bill Clinton was a welfare reformer, Bill Clinton presided over budget surpluses, Wall Street — not the government — deserved popular anger, Barack Obama is willing to compromise but Republicans are not.

I did agree with Mr. Rodricks, however, when he wrote "...what the nation really needs is sound governance and rational leadership to get us through a tough time."

The thing is, after two and half years with Barack Obama in charge, we don't seem to have either.

Richard T. Seymour, Baltimore

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