Budget cuts: Democrats, blame yourselves

July 29, 2011

Back in 2008, George Bush was painted by all Democrats the worst president because of the wars and financial mess we were in.

You voted in President Obama, and he can't even rein in his own party to fix the debt ceiling. Americans were fooled thinking this man was going to change things around. Well he's done that!

The country is about to get huge tax increases and job losses, and the only ways Democrats can remedy that is to cut seniors' Medicare, cut the military budget and hurt poor, working families. Those billionaires and oil executives making money hand over hand should have their big tax breaks taken away. Let them feel the crunch also.

Thank you, Congress and the Republicans, for being so short-sighted, and especially thank you, Mr. President. We Americans thank you for putting the screws even harder into us.

Barry Apple, Woodlawn

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