Effort to repeal a Maryland gay marriage law would be defeated

July 29, 2011

Al Eisner's cynical letter should be labeled under the heading "Be careful what you wish for" ( "Md. Needs a referendum on same-sex marriage," July 26).

In chiding Gov. Martin O'Malley for pulling Maryland "into the gutter" by making same-sex marriage a part of his 2012 legislative agenda, Mr. Eisner urges what many consider to be totally un-American: Putting a minority group's rights up for a popular vote.

Marriage for same-sex couples has existed in Massachusetts for over seven years now, and for all the fear mongering, doomsday scenarios, scare tactics and exaggerated hype, Massachusetts maintains the lowest divorce rate in the U.S.

People recognize that the sky hasn't fallen since gay marriage was legalized there in 2004. On the contrary, it has strengthened the institution, not dragged it "into the gutter."

Public opinion continues to be favorable toward marriage equality, thanks to the realization that no one's traditional marriage is threatened by it. Many members of the younger generation are scratching their heads over how this form of discrimination has persisted as long as it has.

Should a referendum take place next year, proponents of marriage equality will be ready for the anti-equality forces in Maryland and beyond. Mr. Eisner and his ilk will be surprised to discover that a majority of Maryland's voters do not share his views.

Steve Charing, Clarksville

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