Obama should veto any debt deal that causes a downgrade

July 29, 2011

I've heard President Obama threaten to veto plans that put too much of the burden on the backs of seniors, I've heard him threaten to veto plans that don't extend the cap through the elections, but the one thing I haven't heard him threaten to veto is the one thing he should threaten to veto under any circumstances. Any plan that results in the U.S. getting downgraded by the credit agencies must be vetoed.

Where we cut money is an internal squabble. It's seniors fighting with veterans, fighting with the poor, fighting with businesses for money. I don't really care where the cuts come from or even if there are "revenue additions" (that's new taxes for those of us who speak plain English). I'm a Tea Party guy, so I think not raising taxes is the way to go, but that's irrelevant in the long run. In the long run, we must by all means avoid getting downgraded because that would mean more money flowing out of the U.S. to places like China in the form of higher interest payments.

That's our money. Our money. How dare any of them, whether it's Speaker Boehner, Harry Reid, or President Obama dare to consider any plan that throws our money out the window? How dare they?

If we're paying more in interest, all those budget projections are out the window. We'll have even less money. We'll be worse off than we thought, and I'm pretty convinced that at this point we all know it's bad. Ten years from now looks gloomy. Dangerous.

They know what Moody's and S&P want out of us to avoid getting downgraded. They know it. To make the conscious choice to accept a plan that doesn't meet those criteria should make every American livid. Keep our money in house. Find some way, even if it means ticking every potential voter off.

If it gets us downgraded, the president must veto it.

Fred Pasek, Frederick,

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