Is CNN's Don Lemon TV's funniest anchor?

July 29, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

CNN's Don Lemon is making the rounds on Comedy Central's late night political humor shows and he's building a strong case for the coveted title of "America's Funniest Anchor." 

Earlier this week in a clip dubbed "CNN anchor Don Lemon Appears not to care for CNN," Jon Stewart played a montage of Lemon joking on rather stupid CNN segments, including the cost of Harry Potter's education, an interview with a man dressed as the devil, an egg dropping into water, and superhero references written into his copy.   

Then, a night later, Lemon was on "The Colbert Report," talking about his interview with a man who looks eerily similar to a vampire. Colbert confronted him about why he didn't press the man on his transparent vampireness and Lemon then used the moment to shamelessly (and hilariously) plug his book, "Transparent." 

Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper have both proven themselves to be pretty hilarious at times, but Lemon is undoubtedly on a roll this week. Could he be TV's funniest anchor? 

Stewart clip: 

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Colbert clip: 

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