Opposing multiculturalism does not make you a potential terrorist

July 27, 2011

Regarding the horror in Norway, I have no intention of "looking inward," as letter writer Steve Devon suggests ("Norway tragedy should make us look inward," July 26 ). The devastating murder and destruction in that country had nothing to do with a failure to recognize the "value in multiculturalism." I personally don't see much value in "multiculturalism" myself, but it would never occur to me to bomb buildings or open fire on helpless victims.

As for living in a country "founded on the principle of equality" and Constitutional redress, Mr. Devon has a poor grasp of American history. What "equality" did the Native Americans enjoy after the British lost the Revolution, and I doubt slavery was based on much egalitarianism either.

While I deplore and grieve for the destruction in Norway, "multiculturalism" was a mad man's excuse to kill and destroy. Many people believe a country without an acknowledged culture will become unmoored, but that doesn't mean we are all potential terrorists!

Rosalind Nester, Baltimore

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