A grandson learns the Inner Harbor isn't so dangerous

July 27, 2011

Recently, I visited the Inner Harbor and heard the laughter of children. I stopped by the Walter Sondheim Fountain and, lo and behold, there were children frolicking through the water. I sat a while, and after seeing how much fun it was I decided that I would bring my grandson the next day

I picked him up on Thursday and told him that I was taking him to the Inner Harbor. He said, "Oh, no grandma. People get shot and stabbed down there, and I am afraid." I told him not to be because there won't be such large crowds as on holidays, nor would there be a lot of drinking and shouting and bad people. I told him that the Inner Harbor has many places for kids to have lots of fun. So we went.

The fountain played wonderful music. The water danced, and so did the children. My grandson and his dad got wet, and I took pictures. He and his dad were happy and so was I. The Inner Harbor truly is a wonderful place to visit and have fun. What a joy it would be if the fountain could be replicated at places of leisure throughout the city. It could reduce random use of fire hydrant water and provide a relaxing activity for the children, especially during the hot summer.

Jennifer Coates, Baltimore

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