If Washington politicians fail to compromise, they will be labeled as failures

July 27, 2011

Make no mistake about it, but the next seven days are of major importance to the financial vision and financial health of all people in the United States and indeed the world ("The Ohio two-step," July 26). The genius of the United States has been our ability to compromise on just about every situation over the past 224 years, with the exception of the Civil War period. It is wonderful to pursue with determination your own views within a divided Congress and government.

It is quite simple to totally ignore the rights and feelings and concern of your neighbors. Compromise is strongly indicated. Do any of our governmental officials want to be associated with failure? Unless an agreement is reached in the next seven days, every member of House of Representatives, every member of the Senate and every member of the executive branch of government will be associated with failure! Most citizens do not wish to be associated with failure.

Terren M. Himelfarb, Baltimore

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