Exercists: Anders Breivik and the London games

July 27, 2011

Mourners gather in Oslo
Photo credit: Reuters

With a year to go until the London Olympics, organizers are promising to take another look at whether a solitary terrorist could cause tragedy. From the AP:

At least 93 people were killed when a Norwegian with right-wing views set off a bomb in Oslo and went on a gun-rampage at a youth camp. Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson says "we need to see what the direct cause of that is, but that will always cause anybody to look and to re-examine their own security plans." He added Monday: "Clearly where there are lessons to be learned from Norway we will learn them." Read the full story here
(Updated version here. Note that the number of deaths in the Norway bombing and shootings has been revised down very slightly, but remains in the dozens.) Authorities in Norway have said that they will leave Anders Behring Breivik in solitary confinement, with communication limited to court staff and his lawyer. While that seems appropriate to me for a man who is both a likely target and a publicity seeker, I really hope the government doesn't take his imprisonment beyond that stage: I could easily imagine an overzealous guard, administrator or warden going too far. Such an action could make Breivik a victim in the public mind, which is the last thing prosecutors -- not to mention victims -- could possibly want.


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