Litter at Supplee Lane set example of how trash 'destroys' beauty

July 27, 2011

I want to thank whoever dumped two sofas on the side of Supplee Lane for reminding the rest of us how ignorant some people are and how throwing "trash" destroys the little bit of beauty left in our area

It took a lot of idiocy to haul those couches out of your house, load them on a truck, drive the truck to Supplee Lane, and then dump the first couch partway down the road, and then drive a little further and dump the second one. You could have done the same by driving to the local dump or calling the county to pick up on a special trash day so you only had to haul them to the curb. Or you could have at least driven to the end of Supplee Lane and put them by the big Dumpster near the boat ramp. I guess you needed the exercise?

You hopefully showed the kids that walk their dogs, play and fish at the park and reservoir why we should not litter.

Every spring and fall, myself and others pick up the trash that ignorant people throw out of their cars even though there are about 10 big trash cans at the top of the road at the park that they have to pass, and there is a big Dumpster at the end of the road at the boat ramp. In one day, walking up and down the road, I have personally picked up enough trash to fill 10-1/2 trash bags, plus picked up a TV, four tires and lots of large metal strips. People have thrown lots of food bags, beer bottles, liquor bottles, soda bottles, dirty diapers, underclothes and other unmentionables. It is very, very disgusting.

Whoever you are, thank you for setting a fine example for the current and future generations who walk, play and bike on Supplee Lane. I am sure they will think twice about littering due to your actions. Aren't we lucky to have folks like you to remind us?

Tracy Scagliarini


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