Mall in Columbia Fun Facts

July 27, 2011

•Edward Arthur Jewelers is the only remaining tenant that has been there since the beginning.

•The food court has 266 tables.

•The Ball in the Mall was held in 1972, 1977 and 1987.

•The mall opened with 80 stores. Now it has more then 200, counting kiosks and eateries.

•The mall has 18 jewelry stores.

•There are 18 shoe stores.

•The mall is 1.4 million square feet..

•There are 28 eateries and food stores.

•The mall hosts four health fairs a year, in cooperation with Howard General Hospital.

•The top floor was originally carpeted, because studies showed that people walked more slowly on carpeted floors and that was considered a boon to retailers.

•Because of blue laws at the time, the stores couldn't open for business on Aug. 1, 1971, which was a Sunday, said Barbara Kellner, manager of the Columbia Archives. But the mall itself was open, and hundreds of people walked the corridors, window shopping, she said.

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