On teachable moment, league strikes out

July 27, 2011

During the evening of June 16, while driving south on Ingleside Avenue, my car's front windshield was struck and heavily damaged by a fouled hard ball from the fields near St. Timothy School.

I immediately pulled over. It took several minutes to regain my composure after the sudden smashing of my windshield.

As I exited the car, I saw a parent or coach retrieve the errant baseball. He appeared to not be the least concerned about my welfare.

I approached the coaches, who explained that this sometimes happens when foul balls are hit.

I asked who was in charge. I was told, rather indifferently, that this was a Catonsville Boys League game, inferring that I should just forget about the situation because it was an accident. None of the men identified himself.

The umpire finally intervened and offered some information about whom to contact.

But there is another issue here.

As a retired high school teacher with 30 years of experience, I always sought to use teachable moments to help my students.

Likewise, it seems these coaches might have stopped the game and offered assistance to me. The boys would have benefited by seeing that a serious incident is more important than a game.

Because something is accidental does not relieve one of consequences.

I think the adults in charge here may be the ones needing help in setting priorities.


John Hoffman Jr.


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