Concerns should be growing for medical building on Catonsville Y's property

July 27, 2011

It is disappointing that a mega-project like the YMCA/office building produces so few letters to the editor.

People may wish they'd written when they see the huge number of trees that will be coming down to support the project.

Parking for 270 cars?

Working out something to ease traffic concerns?

Here's a likely proposal: dualizing the road up to Bloomsbury Avenue, then carrying it north on Rolling Road by implementing the middle turning lane concept that has already been designed.

To my recollection, John Hoey has never had the courtesy to have an architect's rendering of his project placed in the Catonsville Times. He told me he figured this might be expensive, more than they had in the budget.

There is a drawing buried in the Y website, if you can find it.

It strikes me as a cynical manipulation of this community to tie the expansion of the Y to a zoning change that will put an office building in a residential area.

Mr. Hoey observed that, from the front, the office building will not exceed the height restriction for two- story residential properties.

It makes me wonder how it's going to feel going down Rolling Road and being greeted by the rear of a 60,000-square-foot office building. I doubt that it will be just two stories.

First District Councilman Tom Quirk has the monkey on his back to say yea or nay on the Planned Unite Development that would be required to move this project forward.

Help get it off his back by calling him at 410-887-0896 or emailing him at

Tell him you don't want an office building on South Rolling Road.

Steve Garrison


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