Felines live the high life a Highland's Purr-fect Hotel

July 27, 2011|By Diane Pajak

No feline wants to be outshone by the fun facilities afforded to local canines. Luckily for them, Howard County cats have posh digs designed for their needs at The Purr-fect Hotel, in Highland.

By offering private multilevel cat condominiums, TV and music entertainment and even designated hiding places, the hotel’s staff proves to know their clientele.

But boarding cats presents unique challenges and considerations, according to Dr. John Cunningham, veterinarian and owner of the Highland Veterinary Hospital, which has been boarding cats for nearly 30 years, and The Purr-fect Hotel, which was added in 2005.

Since his boarders are not always as social or adventurous as dogs, Cunningham suggests a “dry run” visit to the facility before owners book their cat a stay there.

“We’ll evaluate the personality — they all have different personalities with different external manifestations,” he says. “That’s why we do a trial board. Perhaps the cat boarded before, but perhaps not. We get to ‘read’ them and see what mbe the best approach.”

When Neville and Donald Beaulah plan their vacations, it’s without Augustus, their 3-year-old gold striped cat. Augustus stays at The Purr-fect Hotel two or three times a year, according to Neville.

“He’s comfortable staying in the condo. We’re very satisfied with the arrangement. The staff cares a great deal about Augustus,” she says. “They take him out of the condo to play and walk.”

There’s plenty to explore.

Each ventilated condo is 6 1/2 feet tall and 30 inches deep and wide. The first floor of each kitty condo provides a litter box and cubby for the cat’s belongings. The second level provides a private hiding place, and the third level is the dining room. The fourth floor is space to play, and a miniature four-poster bed is on the fifth floor.

“They might see during the trial visit that the kitty hides for the first two hours in the condo, but in the third or fourth hour comes out and is fine,” Cunningham says, adding, “Sometimes they don’t do too well. They’re shy, stressed or upset.”

To help make the environment feel more welcoming, Cunningham suggests owners pack their cat’s favorite toys, blankets and other personal items from home.

Since the hotel is affiliated with the veterinary clinic, oral and injectable medications may be administered and veterinary care is readily available.

Boarding is $20 per night, and additional fees may be added for medication, injections and other services.

The Purr-fect Hotel is located at 13405 Clarksville Pike, in Highland. For more information, call 301-854-3372 or go to highlandveterinary.com/purfecthotel.htm.

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