Dirty doctors, potty mouths, and more rants

July 27, 2011

The farmers’ market in Druid Hill Park on Wednesdays is a great idea, but wouldn’t it have made more common sense to put it on the access road behind the conservatory? I forget in Baltimore, sense is never, ever common.

I don’t need the MTA subway train driver to keep telling me “The train will be moving shortly.” How about telling me why the train isn’t moving! 

To the political parties: Stop the B.S. Balance the budget without cutting services and America’s future standard of living. Adopt a fair tax.

If you have to tell people that you are not a liar, then most likely you are one. I should know.

You might need to be supported by the government one day, so stop hating on the government.

I shouldn’t have to tell my doctor to wash her hands before she sees me.

You may lie all you want but pictures and comments posted on her wall don’t. Thank you so much, Facebook. Time to move on.

You throw everything away. Even love.

I understand motorcycles. I even kind of understand flip-flops. I don’t understand people wearing flip-flops while they drive a motorcycle.

I’m getting so sick and tired of the bullcrap in Baltimore city. Stop the violence!

bthesite does not have an Android app. What’s the holdup?

What the f--- is up with the MTA? Why are all of their services breaking down on the hottest days of the year? Be proactive.

I want to know why every fat woman in Baltimore city got to put on some stretch pants. Don’t you have anything else to wear? Put on a dress for God’s sake.

Why do people speed in the parking lots of supermarkets, Walmarts and other shopping centers? People, slow down. There’s heavy pedestrian traffic in those areas.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s proposal to lower the city tax on residents is just the latest in her series of missteps, miscues and misappropriated values.

I’ve paid my rent on time for the last three years, and I still haven’t gotten my air conditioner fixed. What’s up with that?

The guy blaming the American Civil Liberties Union is barking up the wrong tree. It’s poor parental supervision that causes kids to stay out all night.

Young ladies of Baltimore city, wash your mouths out with soap.

Competitive eating is a disgrace. So what if it’s for charity? It’s still just downright shameful. [Millions of] children DIE every year from starvation, but who cares, right? It’s all good. Go ahead and stuff your faces ’til you puke, you ignorant, disgusting slobs.

Instead of concentrating on divorce and running for mayor, Sheila Dixon (left) probably needs to check out shoe sales and Travelocity deals. Because of her, we have [once] per week trash pickup in a dirty city and embarrassment. The woman is a crook and she needs to hide her head, not open her damn mouth.

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