Planned recreation area would be no fun for Catonsville street's residents

July 26, 2011

This letter concerns the development currently proposed on Maple Avenue in Catonsville ("Nonprofit set to receive undeveloped land," Catonsville Times, June 29).

I was informed about this by one of my neighbors on Maple Avenue.

We wondered why all of our neighbors on this street were not made aware of this issue. Most of us had never heard of NeighborSpace. It would have been nice if we had been included in the meeting.

We could have explained that the stream they are considering damming up would impact my property and others because many of us own land on both sides of the stream.

The stream contains snapping turtles and other wildlife, so I am not sure how great it would be to swim in the proposed lake, which could wind up in my backyard.

In 2005, we attended meetings at the Catonsville Library to express our concerns.

This did not stop the two developments built on the ridge behind Maple Avenue.

Prior to this construction, half of Frederick Avenue, near the swimming pool disappeared.

One hurricane created a huge hole in half the road.

In addition to flood and sewerage concerns, there would be loss of natural habitats for animals, such as bog turtles.

I granted consent for a stream survey report that was slated for the spring of 2005. However, it was canceled because not everyone approved it.

The newest development at the Baker property added to the current nightmare of trying to pull in or out of Maple Avenue. If I do not leave before 7 a.m., it is almost impossible to access Frederick Road to drive to work.

My car was nearly totaled as I waited to turn onto Maple. I know of others who were hit trying to exit.

It seems as if this newest project would pose an even bigger problem. There are no sidewalks so children and pets would not be safe. Parking is already difficult.

I bought my home in Catonsville 35 years ago.

The community is changing but not for the better.

Anne Adams


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