No reason to complain about BGE program

July 26, 2011

I am no fan of BGE's rates and policies. However, I find the people who are complaining about the company's Peak Rewards program short-sighted and ridiculous ("Heat wave triggers cuts in AC for some," July 23).

These are the same people who gladly took BGE's account credits for who knows how long, but now don't want to honor their part of the bargain.

Yes, my air-conditioning was off for almost eight hours and, yes, it was very uncomfortable. But it is the first time I can remember a cut-off for more than a few minutes since I joined the program the year it started.

The program has been extremely effective, and I wonder how loudly these same people would complain if the power grid had been completely knocked out by such a severe overload?

Larry Lambert, Timonium

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