We have seen the enemy, and it is Congress

July 25, 2011

While it is not my intention to downplay the threats to the United States by international terrorists, we are, in fact, facing a much more dangerous and insidious threat to our survival. That threat is Congress itself. Especially the group, or better yet unruly mob, of nearly 60 tea party members that were elected to the House of Representatives at the beginning of this term.

These inexperienced members of Congress have bullied their way into control of the House and subsequent control of our nation's economy. They have no regard for the middle class, the poor, and/or those of us who have spent our lives making this country what it was and unfortunately no longer is.

I do not understand why the leaders of the majority Republican Party, especially House Speaker John Boehner, do not just smack down these children and tell them they no longer can say it's my ball and we'll play my rules or we won't play.

The last time I checked, the majority still ruled. It's time that the entire Congress and the president put aside these idiotic grandstanding postures and get down to the business of actually running the country. I am very certain that the voting public will remember this in 2012.

It's time that all segments of the economy, the very rich, corporate America and the middle class, paid their fair share of the cost of keeping the USA in business. If our elected officials continue to ignore that they work for us not for somebody whose deep pockets fill their campaign coffers, I fear the days of the United States are seriously numbered. There are times that I am glad that I am as old as I am so that I may not live long enough to see the complete demise of my beloved country.

Leonard Guy LeVee, Eldersburg

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