Draw line that vandalism on Catonsville trail is unacceptable

July 25, 2011

I've been thinking about some of the comments made in the Catonsville Times article concerning vandalism on the No. 8 Streetcar Path ("Vandals a problem on steetcar path," Catonsville Times, June 22).

Instead of attributing it to not having a "social outlet that teens can go to, no teen centers, very little for teens to do in Catonsville if they're not involved in sports or church," why can't we just admit that some teenagers are incorrigible?

We could have teen centers on every corner, but they'd still be "bad apples" and should be dealt with accordingly.

So when the streetcar path vandals are finally identified, apprehended and convicted, what do you think about "throwing the book" at them?

I understand that they can be fined hundreds of dollars.

They can be sentenced to detention in a juvenile facility or a jail.

They can be put on probation and ordered to do community service.

Other possible penalties: force them to personally clean up the messes they made, repair the damage they've done or pay for someone else to make the repairs.

I would hope, too, that they would be ordered to make restitution to their victims for expenses incurred as a result of their destructive behavior.

Vandalism is a crime. And the people who engage in it are criminals.

Richard Seymour


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