Chad Ochocinco: Glenn Beck fan?

July 25, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Let's say you're a professional football player and you want to anger many of your 2.3 million Twitter followers. What's the best way to do this? 

If Chad Ochocinco's recent actions are any indication, the quickest way is to buy a Glenn Beck book and actually read it (!)

Flying to Memphis over the weekend, the Cincinatti Bengals' star wide receiver (and Ray Lewis' favorite chew toy) announced to the Twitterverse that he had purchased Beck's latest book "Broke" for the plane ride. Ochocinco appeared to initially approve of Beck's message, calling his views "epic." 

"Does anyone know if Glenn Beck has a twitter account?" he wrote. "Starting on his new book  His views on political n economical issues are ." 

Saying you're reading a book on a plane shouldn't be a controversial thing, right? But. This. Was. A. Glenn. Beck. Book. 

The backlash came fast and furious. 

• " Just lost a lot of respect for you for being a f---ing beck fan. Idiot," one follower wrote.

• " unfollowing after two years because you're a Beck fan. Disgraceful and disappointing," another wrote. 

• One follower even accused Ochocinco of being (gasp!) a conservative, which he immediately denied. 

"No i'm not a conservative,just wanted 2 see what all the fuss is about so i'm reading it," Ochocinco responded. 

Finally, the athlete formerly known as Chad Johnson reached out to the Beckmeister himself. 

" Kind sir I've seemed 2 have pissed off a lot of my fans by purchasing your book.Gonna read it while flying n see why their mad," he wrote. 

After reading three chapters of Beck's book, the football star decided the erstwhile Fox News host is a pretty commonsensical guy.  

"Gotten through 3 chapters thus in  book and so far everything he's said is either common or his opinion based off research," he wrote. 

Finally, Ochocinco ended the controversy with this tweet. 

"I don't agree with alot of this s--- but nonetheless its interesting reading the views n opinions from what I'd like to call the other side," he wrote. 

Whether you like Ochocinco or not, you have to admit he came out of this mini-Twitter controversy looking pretty good. He appears open-minded, which is a good quality to have, unlike many of his apparently angry followers. He might not agree with conservatives on various issues, but at least he's willing to learn about what the other side thinks. That's a sign of maturity and intellectual curiousity. Now, if he can just learn to avoid Ray Lewis. 
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