After firing caddie, Woods has no one left to blame but himself

July 23, 2011|By Peter Schmuck

News item: Tiger Woods announced this week that he has parted company with longtime caddie and gallery henchman Steve Williams, who was last seen on the bag of Australian star Adam Scott.

My take: Don't know what Tiger is trying to prove here. He has fired everyone except the one guy who made all his bad decisions over the past few years.

Related news item: Williams said he was blind-sided by the news and clearly felt betrayed after standing by Woods during his long and tawdry adultery scandal.

My take: Of course, how hard could it have been to blind-side a guy who was joined at Tiger's hip for 12 years and claimed he had absolutely no idea that Woods was a bigger stripper hound than Charlie Sheen.

News item: Ravens safety Ed Reed told The Sun's Jamison Hensley that ESPN edited out his praise of John Harbaugh in the controversial interview in which Reed said he and his teammates would rather have had Rex Ryan as their head coach. He also hinted that he might not do any more interviews with The Worldwide Leader.

My take: I'll take Ed's word for the overall context of the interview, but I'm pretty sure he'll be all smiles when the ESPN crew shows up at his Louisiana football camp next summer. I mean, isn't that the deal? ESPN shows up. Ed says something nutty. Everybody's happy.

News item: Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz gave up eight runs in 3 2/3 innings against the Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens Thursday. He walked three and needed 85 pitches to get 11 outs.

My take: Matusz has become a mystery wrapped in an enigma. His meteoric fall from the ranks of baseball's best young pitchers still defies explanation, and Thursday's performance makes you wonder if he'll ever get up.

News item: The Orioles still have not come to terms with top draft choices Dylan Bundy and Jason Esposito.

My take: There's nothing unusual about that and no sense worrying about it. The big picks always come down to the last minute and the last minute still is nearly four weeks from now.

News item: The United Football League announced Tuesday that it has been forced to push back the start of the UFL season a month because of financial problems and the inability to secure a television deal.

My take: Why would they come out and admit that when the league could have just announced a lockout and waited for the entire on-air cast of ESPN to descend on the central office in Jacksonville and stake it out around the clock.

News item: The ball that Derek Jeter slammed into the stands for his 3,000th hit is not going to land on the open market, but you can bid on one of the foul balls from Jeter's historic at-bat at MEARS Online Auctions.

My take: I'd rather have an autographed photo of Christian Lopez, the guy who gave the 3,000-hit ball back to Jeter instead of putting it up for sale and getting as much as $250,000 for it. That's a true fan.

Bonus take: This is more proof that there are more important things than money. I don't have a clue what they are — since I would have taken that ball right to my safe deposit box — but it's nice to know someone else does.

News item: The defending world champion San Francisco Giants are scheduled to visit the White House Monday so President Barack Obama can offer his personal congratulations for their 2010 World Series victory.

My take: Just spit-balling here, but if Aubrey Huff offered to mediate the budget talks in a thong, don't you think both sides would be more willing to compromise before the debt ceiling deadline?

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