Ask Outdoors Girl

July 23, 2011

Bill Alwine, an avid angler from Sparks, writes: I have approximately 1,000 yards of used monofilament line. What is the best, and most eco-friendly way, to dispose of this without harming any wildlife or the environment?

Outdoors Girl applauds your decision to rid yourself of nasty fishing line in a responsible manner. Plastic monofilament takes more than 500 years to decompose. Carelessly discarded line can kill seabirds, fish and other wildlife. Many Maryland state parks have white receptacles near fishing spots for anglers to dump old line. BoatUS, the AAA of boating, has distributed 1,200 bins to collect fishing line, and West Marine is a drop-off spot, too. OG also asked Donna Morrow of DNR's Boating Service Division for suggestions and she replied: Anyone with a large quantity of old line can mail it to Berkley Recycling, 1900 18th St., Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360.

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