High-earners already pay their fair share of taxes

July 22, 2011

Regarding your editorial "Cut, cap and empty gesture" (July 20), your view is perplexing considering the facts. Prior to President Obama's takeover of the government, both Democrats and Republicans drove the increase in federal spending. Since President Obama was elected, federal spending, not counting war spending, has exploded.

Republicans have gotten the message that the spending cannot be sustained and will eventually lead to ruin, and they at least have a plan. The Democrats have not. Instead they use scare tactics and class warfare.

When the bottom 50 percent of Americans pay virtually no taxes while the top 10 percent pay 70 percent of federal taxes, I would say the tax code is quite progressive and that high earners already pay their fair share.

Envy should not be the basis for a confiscatory tax system. Most high earners work hard for their money and are willing to pay their fair share. The problem is the inefficiency and overreach of our government and the liberal view that the government should take care of those that can do for themselves but choose not to.

Why is it that a liberal's version of courage and compromise always means that the other side capitulate to their viewpoint? It seems to me that you are either intellectually dishonest or so partisan you can't even consider other viewpoints. Meanwhile our country is spinning out of control as President Obama and the Democrats continue to dither and mislead.

Steven Fonte

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