Too much crime news in The Sun

July 22, 2011

My husband and I have not cancelled The Sun yet because we like the crossword puzzles. However, each morning my husband leafs through the front section of the paper and reads the headlines of the articles there. It has become a joke in our family, as each one he reads is worse than the one before it . I do not mean the writing style or wording of the articles. We are just sick and tired of reading all about the maiming, murder, thievery, rapes and other awful acts that happen in Baltimore. Apparently, from reading your paper, one would gather that is all the people of our great city do.

How about creating a page (just one page!) dedicated to the helpful, kind and beneficial things our citizens do on a daily basis that pretty much go unnoticed by society at large. For example, how about covering the lemonade stands our grandchildren (and other neighborhood kids) hold each year to raise money for the latest disaster they see happen? Or how about daily discussions of the elderly and the people who willingly care for them, or the retirees who work tirelessly for Habitat for Humanity and other rebuilding organizations.

You could encourage your readers to contribute their own short articles about activities they see in their communities that are helpful instead of harmful. Maybe that would even encourage others to do the same, and maybe the next generation of writers for The Sun would have more positive things to report about our city.

Susan C. Euker, Bel Air

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